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Why should I take a childbirth class?

There are several reasons why you should take a childbirth class.  First and foremost, to get educated on your choices.  Many women today are not exposed to what it means to give birth.  We as women did not grow up in society where we witnessed our mothers, aunts, friends, sisters, and other women giving birth without fear and without medications.  We are lead to believe that childbirth is as scary event which culminates in us taking medication.  Many times women do not want to take medication but feel that because they are unable to handle the pain or that because everyone else did they should do it.

Childbirth classes inform you on ways to relax and what questions you should answer during your pregnancy and birth.  Many classes teach good nutrition and exercises to stay healthy, low-risk, and fit for labor and recovery.  Is there really any harm in doing these things?  No!  Does it help?  Greatly.

Read my blog post about taking the fear from childbirth.  http://avocadobaby.webs.com/apps/blog/show/6074317-taking-fear-from-childbirth-starting-with-our-daughters

Do you include my partner in classes? 

Absolutely!  The person who is going to support you in labor is the person who some be coming to class with you.  I focus on how that person can help you in labor and what questions he should ask during your labor and pregnancy.  I teach him how to help you stayed relaxed and what to expect about labor.

Can we call you during labor? 

I love when couples call me.  I dads and moms calling me during later pregnancy and labor with many questions.  So, yes..CALL!  

Did you have natural unmedicated births? 

Yes I did!  I had 2 homebirths and really enjoyed them.  My first birth was medicated.  I learned so much from that experience which led me to teaching and homebirths.

Can my older child come to class? 

Yes and no.  I ask that I do know a child is coming.  I believe children should know about birth.  My own children understand the basic process of birth.  Actually, they know about how the baby comes than how the baby go there!  I ask that you judge the maturity level of your child.  If you feel that your child could be at a class that will be 2-2 1/2 hours in length and not becoming embarrassed by the topics being covered, then yes bring her or him!  If you are unsure, you can always borrow a video and discuss this class with your child.  If you want specific instruction on how to include your child at birth, please ask me.  They are welcomed to attend the full series, or we can set up private times to meet.

Do you teach new born basic care and breastfeeding?  

Yes!  My goal is to also achieve my IBCLC in 2015.  This coming year, I will be also attending a course to obtain my CLE from CAPPA.  The course was a great experience.  I now just need to buckle down and complete the work.  I also hold a 2 night breastfeeding course.

What are your fees for classes? 

I charge $285 for the full 12 weeks series with a non-refundable $75 deposit.

12 weeks seems like a long time for childbirth classes.  The hospital does 4 weeks.  Why so many more classes? 

I believe that the more you practice the better you will get.  I have found more success when my couples attend longer classes because you get more time to prepare and practice all the relaxation techniques.  Refer to the course content as to see all that I cover in my class and compare it for yourself with the course at your hospital.  There is no need to sign up a separate newborn course or breastfeeding course.  I included that as well in the full 12 week series.

When should I enroll in your classes? 

I ask that you enroll when you are about 26 weeks.  You should have about 3-4 weeks before your baby is born when the series ends.  If you find that you will be close to your due date, please know that I can still meet your needs.  I have met with moms outside of class time as well to update you on all the information.  Save time and download and return registration form along with your deposit.


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